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1th MAI 2021
19:30 CEST

In the last years the political settings in Spain have experienced severe changes that have impacted both, semantic and political spheres.

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01 / MAI / 2021 / 19:30 CEST

One of the most relevant and promising change has been the evolution of the political anti-racism in the Spanish state, a political orientation that reclaim autonomy as a key political element to break with the ‘ideology of integration’ and the subordination system created by the State and its institutions and with the complicity and collaboration of the NGOs who have historically tackled racism from moralist approaches contributing to the depolitization of the Roma Nation struggle during decades. (See below.)


Cayetano Fernandez – Militant of Kale Amenge

Juan Giménez – Militant of Kale Amenge

Sebijan Fejzula – Militant of Kale Amenge

Nicolas Jimenez – Pretendemos Gitanizar el Mundo

To confront and overcome such depolitization of our struggle and the complicity of the so-called Roma movement has been the aim, since its foundation, of Kale Amenge (Roma for Ourselves), is an independent anti-racist Roma political organisation that works for the collective emancipation of our people and the construction of Roma political autonomy. By placing Antigypsyism within the political anti-racist movements’ agenda, as well as denouncing anti-Roma racism as a product of the state, Kale Amenge has contributed to ‘change the terms of the discussion’ leaving aside the docile request for integration of NGOs to coherently turn our struggle in a political fight in open confrontation with the state. As a direct consequence of Roma political anti/racism, we are beginning to witness an increase of Roma collective consciousness such as, the mobilization of Roma in the streets, denunciations of police brutality and anti-Gypsy harassments in school, hospitals and work places. More importantly, the Roma resistance is achieved by refusing the integratory approaches and by demanding to be respected by our own terms and political forms.

Therefore, fifty years after the 1971 Roma congress, Kale Amenge alongside with Pretendemos Gitanizar el Mundo, aims to ask, reflect and discuss what does Roma emancipation and resistance mean? To be able to answer these questions, we must critically look at the role of the Roma ngo’s as well as the politicians who have been accomplice of selling the idea of “integration” to our people in return for state benefits and status. We strongly claim that in order to confront Antigypsysm as a matter of structural racism we must fight the system and not to collaborate with the same system that oppresses and dehumanizes our people. What do we do with the Roma colonial administrations? Where is the Roma political agenda decided? And most importantly, what does an autonomous Roma movement mean? How can we be able to break the with the dependency and subordination in order to build an autonomous emancipatory Roma movement able to reconnect with the dignity of our accentor’s struggle and with the aims of 1971?

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