10.00 – 10.05

Welcoming and opening words by Grattan Puxon

Grattan Puxon is one of the co-initiators of the First World Romani Congress in 1971. He is also strongly engaged in the organisation of the Jubilee World Roma Congress in 2021, bringing together Romani activists and supporters from all over the world.

Shukar avipe thay phravipasko alav kotar Grattan Puxon

Grattan Puxon si yekh e som iniciatorenda e Anglune Romane Kongresesko ko bersh 1971. Pe ayni vaht ov si zoralipea angazhimo pe organizipe e Yubileyesko Lumiako Romano Kongresi ko bersh 2021, anipea khetane Romane aktivisten thay phikodeyutnen kotar e sah lumia.

10.05 – 10.10

“Raising of the Flag” outside of Cannock House in Orpington

The First World Romani Congress took place at the Cannock House in Orpington near London. Fifty years later, Romani representatives visit the place again, raising the Romani flag and singing the Romani anthem, both adopted by the First Congress in 1971. The video documentation is written and produced by Virgil Bitu and Ollie Petrovic; camera and editing by Lee Wade.

“Vazdipe e flagosko” avri e Cannock House ano Orpington

Angluno Romano Kongresi lela kotor ano Cannock House ano Orpington pashe o London. Palo pinda bersh, Romane reprezentya vizitinena o som than, vazdipea o romano flago thay gilavipea e romani himna, kola adoptisale ko Angluno Kongresi ko bersh 1971. Video dokumentipe pishimo hem produktimo kotar Virgil Bitu thay Ollie Petrovic, rekordimo thay editimo kotar Lee Wade.

10.10 – 10.40

Romani students interviewing Grattan Puxon

A group of Romani students from the Central European University in Budapest interview the co-initiator of the First World Roma Congress Grattan Puxon about the origin of the Congress, it’s aim, form and outcomes.

The interview was arranged by the CEU Roma Students Association with the support of the Romani Studies Program at CEU. It was originally screened at the event Visions of Roma Emancipation 1971-2021 on the 6th of April 2021.

Romane studentya intervistinena e Grattan Puxon

Grupa e romane studentengi kotar Centraluni Evropako Universiteti an Budapest intervistinena e ko-iniciatore e Anglune Lumiake Romane Kongresesko Grattan Puxon vash Kongreseski origina, o res, thay o rezultatya.

10.40 – 10.50

World Roma Congress Art Exhibition

The curators Beverley Carpenter (Oblique Arts UK), Moritz Pankok (Kai Dikhas Foundation, Berlin) and Tímea Junghaus (ERIAC, Berlin as Patron of the exhibition) will give a short introduction to the World Roma Congress 50th Anniversary Art Exhibition: On the 8th of April 2021 we celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the groundbreaking 1st World Romany Congress which took place in London in 1971 and which has been a milestone of the International Romany Movement. Arts and Culture have been a strong inspiration for the political movement of Sinti and Roma and continue to play an essential role as a form of civic expression as well as a strategy of emancipation and cultural resistance.

This exhibition was planned as a physical exhibition at the 198 Gallery and Contemporary Learning space in South London. Now online visitors can see five galleries. The curator’s selection includes sculptures, paintings, drawings and photography from Damian Le Bas, Imrich Tomáš, Gérard Gartner and other artists who have produced iconic works.

The Commissioned Artworks gallery shows works that were selected by a jury from Europe wide applications. Klára Lakatos, George Vasilsescu and 8 further artist’s work can be seen. The Archive Gallery introduces viewers to Melanie Spitta, filmmaker and important historical figures in Roma history. The Artist’s Gallery contains work from Bogumila Delimata, from Poland and József Ferkovics from Hungary, among others. Finally there is an Educational Gallery where there is work from organisations such as the BUDAÖRSI TANODA Foundation in Budapest.

Lumiako Kongresi Arteski Ekspozita

O kuratorya Beverley Carpenter (Oblique Arts UK), Moritz Pankok (Kai Dikhas Foundation, Berlin) thay Tímea Junghaus (ERIAC, Berlin sar Patroni e ekspozitako) dena harni introdukcia vash o 50 bersh e Lumiake Romane Kongreseski Arteski Ekspozita: Ko 8to aprili 2021 festina 50to yubile e putaripaske Anlune Romane Kongresesko kova adikerdilo ano London 1971 thay kova sine sar shrdipaski thavd vash Mashkarthemutno Romengo Phiripe. Arti thay Kultura sine zorali inspiracia vash politikuno phiripe e sinti thay romengo vash te lugyaren tekhelen esencialuni rola sar forma e civilune vakeripasko sar vi e strategiako vash emancipacia thay kulturaluni rezistenca.

E ekspozita lanirisali sar fizikaluni ekspozita ani 198 Galeria thay Moderuno Siklipasko Than ko Mesmeriguno Londoni. Akana online vizitorya shay te dikhen panj galerie. Kuratoreski selekcia dikhlarla skulpture, fotografie kotar Damian Le Bas, Imrich Tomáš, Gérard Gartner thay yaver artistya kola produktinde ikonikune butya. O komisionime arteske butyake galerie sikavna butya kola alosardile kotar e komisia kotar sah Evropa. Klára Lakatos, George Vasilsescu thay 8 artistenge butya shay te dikhlon.

E Archive Gallery sikavla e dikhavnenge e Melanie Spitta, filmeski kerutni thay mahatni historikuni figura ani Romani historia. Artistengi Galeria sila butya kotar Bogumila Delimata, kotar Poland thay József Ferkovics kotar Hungaria, mashkar yaver. Agoripea si Edukipaski Galeria kote si buti kotar organizacie sar BUDAÖRSI TANODA Foundacia ani Budapesta.

10.50 – 11.50

Documentary programme about the First World Romani Congress

A documentary video showing pictures from the1971 World Romani Congress and leading Delegates. Among the now deceased are Slobodan Berberski, Fajk Abdi, Dr Jan Cibula, Zarko Jovanovic, Vanko Rouda, Melanie Spitta, W.R.Rishi, Tomas Holomek and others. Interviews from Thomas Acton, a student helper at the Congress, Tore-Jarl Bielenberg, who organised the festival, Brian Raywid who secured the venue, Will Guy who came with the Czech Delegation, Ian Hancock, who was new to the movement at the time and Peter Ingram who came in his trailer.

Written and narrated by Grattan Puxon, general-secretary of the First Congress,with additional voice over from poet and translator, Valdemir Kalinin.

Recorded entirely on Zoom and edited by Ioana Constantinescu

Dokumentaruno programi vash Angluno Lumiako Romano Kongresi

Dokumentaruno video kova sikavla fotografie kotar 1971 Lumiako Romano Kongresi thay phiravne Delegatya. Odola kola ji avdive yaverinde jivdipe si: Slobodan Berberski, Fajk Abdi, Dr Jan Cibula, Zarko Jovanovic, Vanko Rouda, Melanie Spitta, W.R.Rishi, Tomas Holomek thay yaver. Interviste kotar Thomas Acton, ashutipasko student ko Kongresi, Tore-Jarl Bielenberg, kova organizingya o festivali, Brian Raywid kova siguringya o than, Will Guy kova alo e Qekiaka delegacia, Ian Hancock, kova sine nevo pe iniciativa ko odova vahti thay Peter Ingram kova alo anoa kava trileri.

Hramimo thay drabardo kotar Grattan Puxon, general sekretari e Anglune Kongresesko, e pherune avazoa kotar o poeti thay translatori, Valdemir Kalinin.

Rekordimo sahipea ano Zoom thay editimo kotar Ioana Constantinescu

11.50 – 12.00

Q & A with Grattan Puxon about the documentary programme

During the entire morning, the viewers have the possibility to write their questions for Grattan Puxon in the chat on Facebook and youtube of Romanistan. The questions will be answered live after the history programme.

12.00 – 14.00

Flash Mob in front of the European Parliament Online High-level Conference at the European Parliament

The conference brings together EU leaders, representatives of European and national institutions, Romani politicians and civil society, grassroots activists, and ordinary Romani people. The Jubilee Congress includes two hours of the conference programme in its own live stream on

Please find the full programme here:

Part of the streaming is also a flash mob manifestation in front of the European Parliament, organised by supporters and friends of the MEP Romeo Franz.

Flash Mob anglo Evropako Parlamenti
Online Uqe niveleski Konferencia ko Evropako Parlamenti

E konferencia anela khetane EU lideren, repreenten kotar Evropake thay nacionalune institucie, Romani politikanen thay civiluno amalipe, aktivisten thay sakodivune romane manushen. Yubilaruno Kongresi dikhlarla duy oryuno konferenciako programi pe olengo korkoro stream ano

O pheruno programi arakhen akate:

Jek partshie sito o flash Mob manifestipe anglo Evropako Parlamenti, organizimo kotar phikodeyutne thay amala e Deputetesko Romeo Franz.

14.00 – 14.30

Live stream of the protest in front of the British Parliament

At the Mahatma Gandhi statue in front of British Parliament, Romani activists protest against deportations of Romani people from Central and Eastern Europe following Brexit.

Live stream e protestako anglo Britaniako Parlamenti

Ani Mahatma Ghandi statua anglo Britaniako Parlamenti, Romane aktivistya protestinena mamuy deportipe e romane manushengo kotar Centraluni thay Ratyoriguni Evropa palo Brexit.

14.30 – 15.00

Documentary programme about the situation of Roma in U.K. from Czech Republic and Slovakia post Brexit

After Brexit, many people from Czech and Slovak Roma communities in the U.K. see themselves in danger of being expelled from the country, often after spending many years in the U.K or being a generation born in the country. The Honorary Consulate of the Czech Republic in Peterborough and Romani activist Petr Torak highlights the current situation in this short documentary.

Dokumentaruno programi vash e situacia e romengi ani U.K. kotar Qekiaki Republika thay Slovakia palo Brexit

Palo Brexit, buderi manusha thay komunitetya e Slovakune thay Qekiake romengo ano U.K. dikhena peste ano riziko vash te paldingyon kotar e rashtra, but ver palo disave bersha jivdipe ano U.K., palo bayaripe e komplet generaciako koya biyasali ani rashtra. O Honoraruno Konsulati e Qekiaka Republikako ano Peterborough thay romano aktivisti Petr Torak dokumentinla ano video e aktualuni situacia.

15.00 – 18.00

Romaday Parade

In 1971, Romani activists fought for the recognition of the genocide against the Sinti and Roma of Europe. It was not until 2012 that the corresponding memorial was inaugurated as an expression of Germany’s responsibility for the genocide. “Now our dead also have a home,” said Auschwitz survivor Reinhard Florian at the monument’s inauguration, standing in front of the black surface of the water.

In 2021, we must fight to keep this place untouched! In the eyes of the Berlin government, the German Parliament and the German Railways – the successor organisation to the Reichsbahn, which made money from transports to the concentration camps – the memorial is now in danger to make make way for the construction of a city train line. Instead of honouring the Europe-wide significance of this site and guaranteeing its complete protection, the Berlin transport minister is conducting secret negotiations and the federal Parliament is rejecting a route that is safe for the memorial because the noise could be too much of a nuisance for the politicians and their employees.

This reckless and non-transparent attitude of the key institutions of the German state is scandalous! Therefore, together with many other initiatives that are also fighting for a diverse, just culture of remembrance, we call for a parade. It will start at 3pm at the Memorial to the Murdered Sinti and Roma of Europe and will end at the Berlin Ministry for the Environment, Transport and Climate Protection.

Romaday Parada

Ko bersh 1971, romane aktivistya mardepe vash penjaripe e genecidesko mamuy Sinti thay Roma ani Evropa. Sah ji ko bersh 2021 na inagurisalo o korespondentuno memoriali sar sikavipe e Germaniake responsibilitetesko vash o genocidi. “Akana amare mule silen kher,” phengya manush kova jivdingya o Auschwitz Reinhard Florian ko inaguripe e monumentesko, beshipe anglo kalo truyalipe e panesko.

Ko bersh 2021, amen musay te marape kay te adikara akava than biqalavdo! Ko akya e Berlineske raipasko, Germaniake Parlamentesko thay Germaniake Shinengo – phiravipaski organizacia e Reichsbahn, koya kergya love kotar o transportipe ko koncentraciake kampya – o memoriali akana si debatako kotor thay shay te kergyol drom vash nevi pampureski lenya.

Ano than kay te respektinen o sah Evropako mahatnipe e akale thanesko thay garantipe e total garavipasko, Berlinesko transportesko ministry palo keripe e sekretune negociaciengo thay palo dfederaluno Parlamenti kay inargya e tur akoya si may siguruna vash o memoriali soske e zhurma shay ovla problem vash politikanya thay olenge butikerne.

Akava na transparentuno pratsav e sherune Germanyune instituciengo si skandaluno! Odoleske, som e nesave yaver iniciativenca kola pe ayni vaht marnape vash diversuno, hakyuni kultura e pelaripaski pe godi, kharatumen vash parade pe ora 3 palo Mesmer ko Memoriali e Mudarde Sintengo thay Romengo thay e Romengo ani Evropa pashe Berlineski MInistria vash Ambienti, Transporti thay Klimako Garavipe.

18.00 – 19.30

Live Talk:

Romanistan: WE ARE HERE!

A live talk will take place from the Maxim Gorki Theater in Berlin about the influence of the First World Romani Congress in 1971 and the fifty years of worldwide Romani movement regaarding the current situation of Romani people. A special focus is on the role of arts and feminism within the movement.

Speakers will include Agnes Daroczi, co-initiator of the feministic and artistic Romani movement and writer, Delaine Le Bas, artist and co-curator of the 1st and 2nd Roma Biennale, Zeljko Jovanovic, director of the Open Society Roma Initiative Office, and Grattan Puxon, co-initiator of the First World Romani Congress. With solidary and friendly support of the Maxim Gorki Theater.

Live Vakeripe:
Romanistan: AMEN SAM AKATE!

Live vakeripe kotar Maxim Gorki Teatro ano Berlin vash e influenca e Antlune Romane Lumiake Kongresesko ko 1971 thay pinda bersh e sahlumiake Romane phiripasko thay e aktualuni situacia e romengi. Specialuno fokusi si e rola e arteski thay feminizmoski andar o phiripe.

Vakeripe e Agnes Daroczi, ko-iniciatori e feministrikune thay artistikune romane phiripasko thay hramarni, Delaine Le Bas, artista thay ko-kuratora  1-to thay  2-to Romana Bienalako, Zeljko Jovanovic, direktori e Open Society Roma Initiative Office, thay Grattan Puxon, ko-iniciatori e Anglune Lumiake Romane Kongresesko. Moderimo kotar Esra Küçük,menajipaski direktora ko Allianz Kulturstiftung. E solidarune thay amalipaske phikodeipe kotar Maxim Gorki Teatro.



We are an international committee of Romani activists and supporters from different parts of the world, brought together by the co-organiser of the First World Romani Congress, Grattan Puxon. Together, we want to ensure that the ideas of the First World Romani Congress are carried forward and further developed to meet the challenges and also the opportunities that a modern and global society present.



Hamze Bytyçi

Chair & Table


Grattan Puxon

Co-Initiator and General Secretary of the First World Romani Congress

Democratic Transition

Isaac Blake

Chair of the London Committee